Kaspersky: nyet in appealing against the US government

Kaspersky Lab will not have the opportunity to appear in court against the US government after a Washington DC Court of Appeal rejected the company's request.

On Friday, the Board of Appeals upheld a previous district court ruling that Kaspersky could not sue the US government to overturn decision of 2017 which prevents US government agencies from using the company's software.

The decision [PDF] has reportedly put an end to Kaspersky's hopes of lifting the ban on its products.

The three-judge panel agreed with the lower court ruling that Congress has the right to block the purchase of software from a specific vendor if there are security concerns.

Judges continue to reject Kaspersky's request and describe the company's products as a security risk, noting the company's close relationship with the Russian government, which is known to actively attack US networks and obtain top-secret information.

And while the company accurately points out that many cyber companies operate in Russia, we conclude that Congress, based on previous evidence, could reasonably prove that Kaspersky's ties to the Russian government differ to some degree. kind of from these other companies.

Kaspersky, meanwhile, said he was disappointed with the decision and that there were "still good guys competing in cyberspace around the world" at his company.

"The decision of the DC Circuit Court is disappointing, but the events of last year that culminated in this decision were almost expected, not only from our company, but also from the cyber industry in general." writes the CEO by Eugene Kaspersky.

"We are convinced that the issues involved in resolving our disputes go beyond the technical aspects, and include real-world problems: protectionism and Balkanism in a world of underdeveloped cyber-rivalry with extremely complex cyber threats."


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