Download Facebook videos to your computer / phone is the easiest app to download and save videos from Facebook to your hard drive

Facebook images can be downloaded easily by right-clicking, but videos are difficult to download. is one of the easiest web applications to save videos from Facebook. Works on desktops and smartphones.

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How to use the application:

Open a video from Facebook and copy its link (URL).
On the FBDown page just paste the link. Click or click the Download button.
Click Capture HD video or normal quality to start the download.
If the video starts playing in your window instead of downloading, go back to the previous page. Right-click Download HD video, select Save link as… and download it to the folder of your choice.

It works just fine. The downloaded file will be in MP4 format, a type of file that is compatible with all systems. This method also works in mobile browsers.

However, iOS users should do so in Firefox as you cannot use Safari or Chrome.

Το FBDown διαθέτει επίσης μια εύχρηστη επέκταση για τον Google Chrome (για υπολογιστές). Κατά την αναπαραγωγή ενός βίντεο στο Facebook, κάντε κλικ στο εικονίδιο της επέκτασης για να το κατεβάσετε στον you.

FBDown for Chrome (free)

There are many other sites that work just as well as the FBDown page, but we only mention this one as it seems to be working fine. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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