Clear Favorites from duplicate and inactive bookmarks

If you are used to saving a lot of web pages as bookmarks in your browser Favorites, you will find that over time many of them are inactive or redirect to other content, and it is common for us to save the same webpage more than once.bookmarks

The solution to this problem is given by the Bookmarks clean up extension, which checks your bookmarks and shows you the results of duplicate and dead addresses (Url with error code 403,404, 502, 503, request time out etc) which we can select and delete at will.

It also removes empty Favorites folders and merges duplicates (a common occurrence after bookmarks are imported from another browser).

  • For users Firefox / addon / bookmarks-clean-up /

  • For users Chromium/Edge etc. (chromium based) / detail / bookmarks-clean-up /oncbjlgldmiagjophlhobkogeladjijl

After installation the icon appears in the browser toolbox (two blue diamonds)

It prompts us to save our Favorites before using the extension.

Click Open bookmarks manager and make a copy if you want.

In the Find broken urls option, it asks us to grant permission to read / edit the saved bookmarks.


 The following examples seem to categorize the findings by errorbm3
In the double bookmarks lets us choose who to delete
In our example, after the cleaning is completed, the difference in the size of the bookmarks is shown (the file on the right before the cleaning).
Do not hesitate to use the extension Bookmarks clean up and share questions and impressions at our forum on facebook !

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