Clear the ARP cache in Windows 11/10

See this article on how to clear your ARP cache in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

ARP, cache, memory, Windows 10, Windows 11

What is ARP Cache?
ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) or in Greek Address Resolution Protocol in Windows is responsible for resolving IP addresses to MAC addresses, in order to speed up the connection through the local network. So instead of asking the router over and over where a particular device is, it simply uses the already resolved IP for a quick connection. To do this, maintain a temporary memory called ARP Cache.

Like all things in the technical world, it sometimes gets stuck or breaks down and needs to be restored. This post will help you understand what it is and how to clear your ARP cache in Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Why do you need to clear your ARP cache?
There are usually four types of cache in Windows 10/11 that you can easily clear:
1. Cache memory
2. DNS memory
3. Thumbnail cache
4. ARP memory

Similar to DNS cache, the ARP cache can also be cleared. If the IP address of the devices connected to the network changes, then it may be difficult to find these devices. So if ARP Cache has old data or is damaged, then you need to fix it. One of the major drawbacks of clearing ARP cache is that the process of rebuilding ARP cache can lead to errors.

How to clear ARP cache in Windows 11/10
You can use these methods to resolve an ARP cache issue.
A. Routing and remote access services
B. Command line with the netsh tool

Since this is a management task, the methods will need administrator permission to operate.

A. Routing and remote access services
routing remote service

A.1 Press the Start button and type Computer Management
A.2 Once it appears in the list, click on it to open it
A.3 In the left pane, click Services and Applications, then Services
A.4 In the right pane, locate "Routing and Remote Services" and double-click to open it.
A.5 First, terminate the service, then select to turn it off.
A.6 Restart the computer and return to the same place and turn it on.

This procedure will clear all ARP or IP assignments to MAC addresses on the computer.

B. Command line with the netsh tool
arp cache netsh

The netsh tool is a command line utility that offers an immediate option to clear ARP cache. You can run this command in PowerShell or in Windows Terminal or in the command prompt with administrator privileges.

B.1 Press the Win + X keys simultaneously
B.2 From the menu that appears select Command Prompt (administrator) to start it
B.3 In the command prompt window type netsh IP interface delete arpcache and press the Enter key to execute the command.
B.4 All you will receive is an Ok in response.
You can also use the following command to display and clear the ARP cache

arp –a // για εμφάνιση του ARP cache
arp –d // για εκκαθάριση της προσωρινής μνήμης ARP

Finally, you can also choose to restart the computer.

Is it possible to clear the ARP cache for a specific IP?
The arp -d command can do this, that is, if you give the command arp -d will clear the corresponding IR. This is very convenient if a specific IP address fails on the MAC and you want to resolve it quickly.

How long does an ARP entry in Windows take?
The standard time limit for ARP Cache is 10 to 20 minutes. After this time the cache is automatically deleted. The next time the computer or any device requests this address, a new assignment is required.

What is the ARP protocol?
The Address Resolution Protocol or APR receives data from IP addresses from the computer hardware, i.e., MAC address or machine address. Similar to how a site name is converted to an IP address, IP addresses are further converted to Machine Addresses.

What is incomplete ARP registration?
This applies to individual IP addresses. When checking ARP entries, if you notice missing information next to an entry, the device has issued an ARP request but has not yet received a response.

What problems can arise with ARP?
The MAC address deals with spoofing and communication delays. While the first occurs when ARP is manually configured, the second is when there are multiple ARP broadcasts on a network.

We understand that today's article was a bit difficult for the average user, but we hope you now know how to clear your ARP cache in Windows 11 and 10. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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ARP, cache, memory, Windows 10, Windows 11

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