KB3103709 No one knows what it contains

KB3103709 is one of the updates released by Microsoft as part of the Patch Tuesday of this month. However, this update does not provide information about its content or subject matter. So no one can say with certainty what it does in the operating system.Microsoft patch Tuesday KB3103709

Specifically, KB3103709 is only available on computers running Windows 8.1 and listed as optional, so you can choose not to install it. But if you do, it will be almost impossible to see what changes, even though InfoWorld's Woody Leonhard has stated that at least one user claimed the update is re-launching the upgrade application to Windows 10.

On the other hand, there are some publications that say KB3103709 is actually Microsoft's up-to-date Active Directory services, but if the company does not confirm it, no one can say for sure.

Those who follow the company's moves will know that this is not the first time a patch is released that no one knows what it is. They also know that the company with the same trick has tried to upgrade computers running an earlier version of Windows.

The company's latest "hidden" attempt was to integrate the upgrade code into Windows 10, in an Internet Explorer security patch that was offered as a recommended update.

So be careful with this information until it is clear what it contains… Because a large part of the online community is dealing with the question, the "mystery" will probably be solved soon.

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