KB4532695 Causes BSOD, audio and network problems

Last week, Microsoft released the updated KB4532695 to address a number of issues in the 10 of the 1909 edition, also known as 'November 2019 Udate'. The update fixed the problems but unfortunately showed more that didn't exist.

Η updated version KB4532695 fixes some File Explorer bugs, but also some bugs that make the box in explorer toolbar useless.


Unfortunately, the search remains different from the way we knew it from previous versions of Windows 10.

However, the modified search box is not the only problem that KB4532695 brought. Many users report that after installing the update, they experience BSOD, and have problems with audio and Bluetooth connections.

There are some που αναφέρουν προβλήματα με το BitLocker και τις συνδέσεις δικτύου. Το τελευταίο θέμα δεν φαίνεται να οφείλεται  σε κάποιο συγκεκριμένο driver, or network adapter and affects both wireless and wired connections.

After installing the update, the connection bandwidth drops to 1Mb / s and none of the built-in troubleshooting tools can solve the problem.

Removing the update alone will help you get your system back to normal.

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