KB4601319 Yes it causes problems. We will fix them

A Microsoft spokesman confirmed that the February 2021 cumulative update (KB4601319) came with an error that could disable the webcam.

Except of the of the camera, users have reported other bugs and Microsoft is reportedly investigating the reports.

According to user reports, the KB4601319 Windows 10 does not appear to support Intel RealSense Depth and Razer Stargazer. Removing the cumulative update solves the problem and some users assume that a virtual driver is missing and this appears after installing this particular KB.

In the Microsoft support department, "Feedback Hub", a software engineer said that the company is aware of the problem and is working on some fix.

"Thank you for reporting problems with your Intel Realsense Camera. We know the issue and we are working to resolve it. In the meantime, if you want your camera to work, follow our instructions to remove an installed Windows Update. ”

Microsoft may have recognized the problem with the camera, but there are users who they said that KB4601319 also affects the performance of the wireless mouse, second monitor, and other accessories.

In addition to peripheral failure, there are reports of an error causing Blue Screen of Death.

Note that only a handful of users have encountered errors since this month's update and do not appear to be widespread.

In the Feedback Hub, Microsoft said that users can uninstall the February update if they have problems after installing it. If you cannot uninstall it through Windows Update or Control Panel, you can always use the built-in recovery options or the Media Creation Tool to recover your operating system.

Hopefully the problem will be solved with some upcoming optional cumulative update.

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