KB5012170 Caution causes problems

New update (KB5012170) new problems for Windows 11 users. The new update came out recently and is causing a lot of problems as it messes up UEFI with BitLocker, causing computers to boot up and then ask for BitLocker recovery…..

Windows 11, BitLocker, iguru

According to many reports in Microsoft Forums, RedditAnd Twitter, Windows 11 prompts its users to enter the recovery key on the BitLocker recovery screen.

Fortunately, the bug doesn't affect stored data, meaning users can regain access to the system by entering their keys stored in Microsoft accounts or Active Directory.

Those unfamiliar with the process can check the official documentation that describes it how to locate BitLocker recovery key.

Another annoying bug reported by some users after installing it KB5012170 are the disk configurations that change from RAID into a AHCI.

Fortunately, as with the BitLocker recovery bug, users can safely switch affected systems back to RAID without losing their data.

However, many were upset, as once again a sloppy update caused IT and regular users to waste their time fixing something that shouldn't be broken.

Microsoft has yet to confirm the new bugs in KB5012170.

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Windows 11, BitLocker, iguru

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