KDE neon Installation for KDE friends

KDE neon is a Linux distribution that comes with a Live DVD and is based on Ubuntu. It uses the latest KDE Plasma desktop and new software from the KDE community.

Two versions of the product are available - a "User" version, designed for those interested in having the latest KDE software and a "Developer" version, created as a testing platform for KDE applications.kde neon

In short, if you like KDE DE and want to keep using the latest version, along with the latest apps you can try out the distribution.

Below we will see how you can install it. The distribution uses the calamares installer, so the steps in any other distribution you want to install and use the same installer the steps will be almost the same.

Let's start.

You should first download the latest DVD (ISO) that is available to avoid post-installation updates. Open the page and select the User version.

Transfer the ISO to a USB with the cross platform application etc.

Boot with the USB you created and if you want press ctrl + c to avoid disk check.

The distribution desktop will open and in the upper left corner you will find the installer. Double click to start.

Select the language and click Next

screenshot 20210903 165800

On the next screen, select the keyboard you are using. I used English, and I will add Greek after installation.


Click Next and you will see the time zone selection screen


Select Athens (click on the map where you see Greece and it will not take you to Sourmena - tested).

Click Next to select how the installation will be done


I chose manual because I have many partitions that you will see in the next screenshot


I chose format in ext4 and gave / as the mount point

Let's choose the boot as well


I chose sda1 where there are files to boot all the operating systems I use, so (logically) I did not choose the format. As mount point I gave / boot / efi.

On the next screen I will give the username (giorgos), the system name (iguru) and the password.


We are ready, we can start with the installation.


Allow the installation to proceed

install 1

When it is finished you will see the last screen asking you to reboot.


Click Done and your computer will restart. If prompted, remove the USB and press Enter to continue.

Try your new operating system.

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