KDE Plasma: how to remember the position of the window

The KDE Plasma desktop is one of the best Desktop Environments released for Linux distributions. It is elegant, and very adaptable to your personal needs. However this DE comes with some behaviors that are not ergonomic at all.

For example, KDE Plasma DE does not remember window locations for your apps. Start an application or open a window and always open the upper left corner of your screen.KDE Plasma

Below we will see how you can fix the issue to achieve a functionality that simply exists in all other Desktop Environments. Your apps will open to the size and location you want, regardless of whether you have chosen to save the session.

This change can now be applied per application and not for all windows. Start a program that you want to save its location, e.g. a browser that does not cover the entire width of the desktop, is not centered,

Right-click on the title bar of the window, select More Actions - Application or Window Settings…

It will open a separate window with a warning and a settings window:

In the second image (the settings window you will see that there are four different tabs. We will use the second one which states Size & Position.

We will tick the first two settings and from the drop-down box, change Do Not Affect to Remember. Click OK. From now on, the specific program or window will start exactly at the point you set, with the dimensions you chose.


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