Keeper: Complaint about the publication of the vulnerability

The company Keeper develops a software of codes , and we had mentioned in our previous publication, not so flattering, since its software has been found to have vulnerabilities that allow the users of the application to be stolen.Keeper

The company based in Chicago, after the explosion of publications blaming its product, allegedly filed a lawsuit against the reporter who revealed the vulnerability.

Dan Goodin, managing editor of Ars Technica, is named as a defendant in the lawsuit filed Tuesday by Keeper Security.

Κατηγορείται για “ψευδείς και παραπλανητικές δηλώσεις” για τον διαχειριστή κωδικών of the company.

Goodin's story, released Dec. 15, said Google security chief Tavis Ormandy revealed a vulnerability that allowed "any website to steal any password."

Goodin was one of the first to publish the news with vulnerability.

Keeper claims in the lawsuit that Goodin and his employer, the website Ars Technica, which is also accused, "made false and misleading statements about the Keeper software application, claiming that it had a 16-month bug that allowed sites to steal user passwords. ”

The security company has filed a defamation suit and is also demanding the recall and of the article as well as a compensation.

Of course several security experts and Twitter researchers have condemned the lawsuit.

"It's intimidating and Goodin is [definitely] in the top 1 percent of [experienced] journalists," Matthieu Suiche, founder of Comae Technologies, a Dubai-based security company, said in a tweet.

“If Keeper Security believes this will make their software more , will irreparably damage their reputation as a security company," he added.

Kim Zetter, a freelance security journalist, tweeted that the lawsuit was "ridiculous".

"It's a bad precedent for one security and dishonest way to treat a journalist who has been covering security events for years," he added.

Mention that we are very skeptical about whether the outcome of the decision will be in favor of Keeper… The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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