Keeper vulnerability to Windows password manager

Keeper password manager: Well-known Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy has discovered a new vulnerability affecting Microsoft Windows users.

This time around, the bug is in the Keeper password manager application that comes preinstalled in some versions of Windows 10. Ormandy states that discovered a similar vulnerability in August of 2016.Keeper password manager

Although this bug is not a security flaw in Windows or another Microsoft product, it may expose sensitive Windows user details as attackers could steal their passwords stored in the Keeper password manager.

X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X posted a demo to prove the vulnerability, explaining that it "allows any website to steal any password".

Microsoft, on the other hand, said it knew the issue and said it was preparing to update the application.

"We know the report for this third party application and its developer will release updates to protect our customers," said a company spokesman.

The Keeper password manager company detected the defect and immediately released an update to the 11.4.4 version. The app extension for Edge, Chrome, and Firefox browsers is automatically updated.

The Keeper developer reports that the flaw can only be exploited if someone can lead the user to a specially designed page that can take advantage of the flaw.

"This potential vulnerability requires a Keeper user to open a malicious website while logged in to the browser extension. It then falsifies the user data using a "clickjacking" technique so that it can run code with user rights in the browser extension.

Although the flaw does not exist in the Windows operating system itself, it once again raises questions about Microsoft's strategy to promote third-party software. It is currently not known which computers the Keeper is preinstalled with and what agreement.

The good thing is that everyone can disable the app.

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