Keylogger installation on your system

I will not ask why you need a keylogger. I will simply mention that installing the app on someone else's system is a great way to catch you, to drive you, to fire you, to capture you, or to find yourself in situations you did not expect, depending on where you installed the application .

It's also a great way to put the whole system at risk, because the small utility you downloaded can send the results to you and to someone else.Keylogger

In other words, installing a keylogger on someone else's system is not that smart move. But we assume that you install the application on your system to make sure no one uses it in your home or office, OK?

You can find several keyloggers that run on Windows, but below, we'll see some of the two advantages over the others that are circling: They did not turn on Windows Defender when downloading or installing, and 2. have already been compiled and have a very easy to use installation program.

Below we will see three such keyloggers (guess who's the best):

Spyrix Free Keylogger

This application had the less pleasant UI than all of the following and its pretty interesting features are secretly until you pay at least 60 dollars for a 12-month license of professional software. But also as a basic keylogger will do the job.

Although the application icon is on the Windows taskbar, let's not stick with the details because you can hide it manually through the Windows taskbar settings. For the settings, press the three CTRL + ALT + A keys together, and the main screen will appear. There you will see a very long list of all the important things that happened. Ignore screenshot because it does not work right.

Revealer Keylogger

Η free edition the Revealer Keylogger offers a very easy way of recording everything that's being typed into the system. Like Spyrix, the application icon appears on the system taskbar and you need to manually remove it. To see the settings, press the three CTRL + ALT + F9 keys together.

The Revealer Keylogger also has a screenshot feature and the text recording features are very reliable. You can easily see what the user was typing, in which application, and when exactly he did.
Revealer Keylogger can send you this information.


StupidKeylogger sounds like Stupid Keylogger but it is not. It does not appear in the task manager and is invisible for removal from the system in "Programs and Features".
You will need physical access to a system to get the information it records, but also to install application.

Unzip the contents of the keylogger to a system (or a USB), and run the "Infect.bat" application to install it. To view the information collected, run “CollectData.bat.” It will create an encrypted log file. Immediately after, run "RecordDecoder.exe" to decrypt it.
The data is now in plain text.

Let's say that although the system you are installing is yours, it would be good to hide or lock the installation folder.


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