KFConsole: Fried chicken with game console

When you hear the name KFC, the image of fried chicken in a cardboard box probably comes to mind. Not anymore, as the fast food chain has released a new gaming computer called KFConsole.

The strange thing about this computer is that it has an "oven chamber" that can keep your fried chicken warm and crisp. The news at first reminded me of an April Fool's joke, but it is absolutely true. After all, we have December and not April. This is a new console called KFConsole.

KFC shared a video trailer on Twitter in June, a day after the PlayStation 5 was unveiled, possibly as a fun achievement. While everyone thought it was a joke, KFC went a step further and partnered with computer hardware company Cooler Master to design and build a prototype KFConsole. And yes, it has a drawer that pulls out the console heat output to keep your snacks warm.

He returned in December with a new video to dispel any doubts about whether it was a joke or not.

Take a look at the technological specifications of the system. It has an Intel NUC 9 Extreme Compute Element with a modded Cooler Master MasterCase NC100, two Seagate BarraCude 1TB PCIe NVMe SSDs and an interchangeable GPU slot (although the Cooler Master website displays an Asus graphics card). And a chicken coop that acts as a computer cooling system.

The site also claims that the console is VR ready, supports beam detection and offers games up to 240fps with support for 240Hz output on all 4K monitors. And, of course, it will retain the iconic design of the KFC box, thanks to professional Tim “Timeplay” Malmborg.

Unfortunately, KFConsole is not currently available on the market. However, KFC and Cooler Master plan to make it available sometime in the future.

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