Kickass Torrents: Finally appeared online

A few days ago we mentioned the re-emergence of the popular torrent tracker Kickass Torrents. The news that spread on the internet resulted in the popular website being dropped before well-tracked tracker members due to increased traffic.

For the story of him July we passed The famous torrent site Kickass Torrents suddenly stopped operating after the arrest of its alleged founder Artem Vaulin. But apparently not everything was lost…

A team of dedicated former members of the site started a reincarnation of the notorious torrent tracker in hopes of bringing him back to his old glamor.

The new Kickass Torrents has begun to work and promises to be fully functional. The site looks identical to its predecessor, but starts with a clean database in the user table. 

But good news is that many of the original staff members are already back and tirelessly raising the content that made it famous.

So today the page appeared again, after the problems it had immediately after its launch due to the volume of visits.

The following screenshot shows the movement of the website forum, which as you can see at the time of the "photo shoot" had 3229 guests and 49 registered users online.Kickass TorrentsThe home page is now the community forum and not the torrents. Here is to say that the page is somewhat slow, which is definitely due to the excessive traffic of the site, but also to the quality of the server or hosting company that uses the members of the former KickAss.

It remains to be seen the lifespan of the website…

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