Kim Dotcom introduces the Mega

Kim Dotcom has just posted on Twitter three new screenshots of the upcoming new Mega service, hosted under the New Zealand domain as Snapshots show a web page that can make encryption keys, the registration page, and the file management page.

The first screenshot shows that Mega will include 2048-bit RSA encryption keys:

[tweet_embed id = 277102951150010368]

The second shows you will be asked for your name, your email address and of course a password for your new service subscription:

[tweet_embed id = 277103159359438849]

Finally, our third screenshot shows file management

[tweet_embed id = 277103344336646144]

Obviously, every user of the service can have their own cloud drive along with the ability to download and upload files.
Kim Dotcom is naturally very excited about his new website:

[tweet_embed id = 277104809692241920]


The start date of the new service while originally scheduled for before the end of the year, Dotcom transferred it to 19 January, the one-year anniversary of the police raid in his home.

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