How "Santa Claus" Kim Dotcom saved Christmas

The founder of Mega Kim Dotcom saved Christmas for many gamers on Playstation and Xbox. He describes it as a Christmas miracle, as Kim Dotcom seems to have stopped DDoS attacks by Lizard Squad by distributing 3.000 free Mega accounts, worth 99 dotcom

When the Kim Dotcom tried to play Xbox (he is known to devote too many hours to gamaing) received him an unpleasant surprise. The same surprise was encountered by thousands of other Xbox and Playstation players who wanted to try their Christmas presents.

The Lizard Squad, who have repeatedly made DDoS on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, was re-tapped with a Christmas gift that no one asked. A new DDoS attack has resulted in both networks being blocked.

Ο Kim Dotcom, rather than blaming the Lizard Squad, decided to make an offer.

"Hello LizardMafia, I want to play #Destiny on Xbox LIVE. I will give away a whole free lifetime Mega account voucher if we play. Cool; wrote on Twitter.

kim ask

The Lizard Squad were apparently pleased and replied that they were willing to stop the attacks in exchange for 3.000 free cloud hosting coupons.

When it was approved by the Mega management team, Dotcom and the Lizard Squad eventually came to an agreement via Twitter.

mega lizard

As soon as the free bets came into possession of the Lizard Squad, the attacks stopped and Christmas was saved.

"Thanks to Kim Dotcom for the coupons - you are the reason we stopped the attacks. "Mega Privacy is a tremendous service," wrote Lizard Squad, confirming the successful intervention.

Dotcom, meanwhile, is happy to be able to play on the XBOX network, and hopes he could solve all his problems with free bets. The US Department of Justice, however, will probably not accept Mega's free accounts.

"Obviously, diplomacy works. I would recommend to the US government give it a try. #MakeLoveNotWar #UseMegaVouchers, ”Kim wrote.

Of course there is no guarantee that the Lizard Squad will keep their promise in the coming days, but Dotcom said it would cancel the bills if the attacks continued.

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