China replaces Windows with Linux - Dell and HP with Lenovo

The Chinese government has ordered the withdrawal of Windows for Linux. According to Bloomberg, Beijing has ordered government agencies to replace computers and operating systems with built-in wall-mounted alternatives.

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So China is preparing to replace nearly 50 million computers in central government services alone. Of course this process will not be completed at once, and will take place in a gradual manner over a period of two years.

In terms of hardware, many OEM PCs, including Dell and HP, are sure to be adversely affected.

On the other hand, the local manufacturer Lenovo as well as other software and hardware suppliers, such as Kingsoft Corp and Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co. saw their share prices rise in mainland China. Similarly, Windows will be replaced by Linux operating systems.

This move has been under way for a long time, as the Chinese government has been encouraging the use of domestic hardware and software for at least the last decade. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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