Thief breaks the Apple Store doors worth $ 100.000 to steal $ 64.000 worth of dollars


A Apple Store in Colorado was the target of a robbery early Saturday morning. The robber with three stones broke the handmade doors of the store, worth $ 100.000, and stole $ 64.000 worth of goods, including a MacBook, iPad and iPhone.

In accordance with ABC 7 News, some of the computers he stole were worth over $ 2.000 and will probably be sold by the thief at a much lower value.

In recent years Apple Store have become popular targets for robberies. The demand for Mac and iOS devices makes them very easy to sell on the black market, while the glass doors of Apple Store they break easily and almost anyone can come in and steal.

"OR Apple it is like gold. It is easy to sell its products " said Rick Levitt, president of the Macintosh computer iTech, a repair shop Apple products. "Just like the economy, people need money, so they steal such things"

In January, armed masked robbers stormed the Apple Store in Paris, and stole $ 1,3 million worth of items. Earlier, a New York airport employee was arrested for complicity in a robbery and a $ 1,5 million iPad mini was stolen.

Η Apple has made it easy to locate the devices when they are opened and configured by the user, however when they are still in their box and closed, no one can locate them.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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