Shut down Europe's biggest pirated IPTV services

A major blow against illegal subscription services was achieved by the Dutch Financial Intelligence and Investigation Agency (FIOD) with the help of Europol, as they shut down an illegal IPTV service with over 1.000.000 subscribers across Europe.


As Europol announced on May 23, a series of raids were carried out across the Netherlands, while the bulk of the servers occupied an entire data center. Several people were arrested on suspicion of being involved in illegal streaming of premium content.

The packages that subscribers bought gave access to more than 10.000 TV channels, as well as a library of 15.000 movies and TV shows.

Few details have been released about the main suspects, but authorities say four people have been arrested. Available information indicates that the GLOBE Datacenter was a key target.

FIOD says 1.200 servers were deliberately taken offline in a data center allegedly operated by one of the main suspects.

While raids on IPTV networks are not uncommon, we rarely see an entire commercial data center go offline.

Looking at the websites hosted by GLOBE (AS212708), we actually see many domains and IP addresses related to IPTV services, such as:,, and many more. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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