Kodi 19 Matrix released the second alpha version

The Kodi application development team he said the availability of the second alpha version of Kodi 19 "Matrix".

The new update comes with a long list of changes and enhancements, such as decoding for AV1, Matrix-inspired music visualization, visual subtitle enhancements, GUI improvements for managing notches on iOS devices, and more.


This software is still in alpha, and Kodi developers warn that you will likely encounter errors. Before it is finally available to the general public, it will have to go through the alpha, beta phases and submit candidate release versions to resolve bugs.

If you are using Kodi extensions, you may also experience problems as support for Python 2 has ended with this release. Extensions must be written in Python 3 to work properly. According to the announcement of the new version, when the developers update their add-ons in Python 3, they will be reactivated in Kodi 19.

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We do not know at this time when the fixed version of Kodi 19 will be released.

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