It was forbidden to sell Kodi devices

Devices pre-installed with kodi with addons illegal… Sales of devices pre-installed with software to acquire copyright-infringing content are illegal, according to today's ruling by the European Court of Justice. The decision was the result of a complaint from the anti-piracy BREIN in one who sold appliances repmedia with software that facilitated piracy (Kodi).

It should be noted that in the last 12 months there has been a very large increase in sales of devices that have pre-installed software that facilitates piracy through . kodi

Of course, we talk about the various TVBoxes that come with pre-installed kodi and the addons that allow the streaming of pirated movies.

Usually running on Android and the Kodi platform with various third-party add-ons, the devices turn into ultimate hacking tools since you can find the latest movies, TV shows and sports.

One of perhaps hundreds of sites participating in these sales was the Dutch That store was the target of the anti-piracy team BREIN. The owners of Filmspeler considered their pre-configured devices to be legal, arguing that selling them did not constitute a crime as defined by the EU Copyright Directive.

The case originated in 2015 when the Dutch District Court initially complained to the EU Court of Justice. It was asked whether it is illegal to sell a product (in this case a media player) with pre-installed add-ons containing links to websites distribute copyright works such as movies, TV shows and live broadcasts without permission.

It should be mentioned that the owner of Filmspeler, Mr. Wullems, was advertising his devices that had Kodi pre-installed with add-ons that break the law. Filmspeler advertised the media like ways to watch content without .

That is, he did not even need a lawyer. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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