Kodi v18 Leia Nightly and 64 bit for Windows

Kodi v18 Leia Nightly: Developers of the free media player Kodi announced that the upcoming Kodi 18 will also be released as a 64 bit version for Windows.

Kodi, launched as a multimedia player project on Microsoft's first Xbox console, has become a very popular media player with unlimited customization options and versatile support for other multimedia services.Kodi v18 Leia nightly

Although it can be used to add and play local media files, it provides support for streaming audio and video, as well as TV.

The current version of Kodi is only available as an 32 bit application for Windows, and for Mac and Linux is also available as an 64 bit application.

The blog publishing of the application confirms that Windows users have asked 2012 for a Kodi 64-bit version and describes why it was so difficult and it took so long to be released.

Kodi on 64-bit for Windows is already available as a development release. Those interested in trying the new app can download the latest version, from the official Kodi download page, or from the links at the end of the release.

Note that this is a preview of the 18 version that is still in development.

Those of you who are using the 32 bit version and are waiting for the 64 bit version will be able to switch to the 64bit version without problems according to the developers. All you have to do is pass the 64bit version above ...

Kodi v18 Leia Nightly

Installer (32BIT)
Installer (64BIT)

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