Kopin F-35 helmets almost ready for production

Kopin has achieved a “significant milestone” in the production certification of Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology for F-35 helmet display systems (HMDS).

kopin f 35 nw

The technology was developed to support the evolving requirements of the "world's most advanced fighter jet", in augmented reality helmets.

"Much of the aircraft's functionality is enabled through an advanced augmented reality helmet, which provides the pilot with critical flight, tactical and sensor information for advanced situational awareness, accuracy and safety," he says a statement from Kopin.

“Extended functionality and extreme conditions demand a unique display technology.”

According to Kopin, the company's OLED display recently managed to get a full performance validation and is now preparing for customer and flight certification tests.

"Performance validation for the new OLED display is an important milestone in our production certification of the display and confirms the excellent performance of the OLED technology we use," said Kopin's Vice President of Business Development and Strategy, Bill Maffucci.

"We believe that our display is the only one that meets the highest performance requirements for this program due to its high dynamic range, and as such the Kopin OLED is the only version that advances to final certification and mass production."

"We believe that the successful completion of testing by our customers will allow Kopin to continue as the sole provider of production displays for the F-35 HMDS."

The latest OLED system was developed simultaneously with the production of Kopin's Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays (AMLCD). The AMLCD program is currently the sole source of microdisplays for the F-35 HMDS.

Last year, Kopin signed a contract worth $4,8 million with the US Department of Defense to procure AMLCD for F-35 fighter helmets.
The company expects additional orders of the microdisplay to support US F-35 production through 2030.

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