The Kremlin is lying to you, send SMS to random Russians

"People around the world are using a new website to bypass the Kremlin's propaganda machine by sending messages to Russians about the war in Ukraine," the Wall Street Journal reported.

"The site was developed by a team of Polish developers who had about 20 million mobile phone numbers and nearly 140 million email addresses owned by Russian individuals and companies."squad303

The tool was created by the Squad303 hacking team, and is hosted on the domain If you visit the page, you will see a pre-written message in the native SMS application:

"Dear Russians, your media is being censored. "The Kremlin is lying to you," the statement said.

"Learn the truth about Ukraine on the free Internet and in the Telegram application. "Time to overthrow dictator Putin!"

In one his statement In the Daily Dot, a Squad303 team member described their effort as a "non-violent communication project" aimed at circumventing Russian repression on independent news sources.

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The domain name for the tool alludes to Poland's surprise victory over Russian forces in 1920.

Squad303 claims that its tool has already been used to send more than 6,3 million text messages, although Daily Dot could not confirm the number.

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