What is behind the success of TikTok?

Time magazine partnered with a London-based non-profit news agency called the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, in a revealing survey that "horrific" videos "are an integral part of the daily work for TikTok moderators in Colombia".

Several spoke to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism about widespread occupational trauma and inadequate psychological support, demanding or impossible performance targets, punitive salary deductions and extensive monitoring.

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Their efforts to unionize to secure better working conditions have repeatedly failed. TikTok's rapid growth in Latin America – it has around 100 million users in the region – has led to the recruitment of hundreds of moderators in Colombia who wage a never-ending battle against disturbing content. They work six days a week in day and night shifts, with some being paid as little as 1,2 million pesos ($254) a month, compared to the roughly $2.900 that U.S.-based content coordinators receive.

The nine moderators spoke anonymously only for fear of losing their jobs or jeopardizing future employment prospects… TikTok's moderation system described by these moderators is based on demanding performance targets.

If employees don't watch a huge number of videos or return late from a break, they can lose a monthly bonus worth up to a quarter of their salary. And it's all too easy to lose that much-needed extra cash.

Ãlvaro, a current TikTok moderator, aims to view 900 videos a day, with about 15 seconds to view each video. He works from 6 am. to 3 p.m. to manage to watch 700 videos in one shift This is considered “work avoidance”. Once an employee has something like this written on an action form, they cannot receive a bonus for that month….

The moderators who spoke in the interview were recruited through Paris-based Teleperformance. The company last year reported a profit of 557 million euros ($620 million) on 7,1 billion euros in revenue.

Teleperformance has more than 7.000 content moderators worldwide, according to statistics from Market Research Future, and moderators interviewed said that in addition to TikTok, Teleperformance provided content moderators to Meta, Discord and Microsoft.

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