Kukun Body a gadget that warns you if you smell bad

Do you have an appointment and worry if you smell bad? Kukun Body will reveal to you where and how bad you smell.

kukun points

This is a gadget developed by the Japanese manufacturer of the Konica Minolta camera, it has the shape of a microphone, is connected to a smartphone via bluetooth and can measure just how bad you smell and at what point of your body. The Kukun Points is a pocket-sized device that lets you control your stench in four different positions: on the legs, behind the ear, near the head and naturally in the armpits.

It can control three different odors, namely recognizing sweat, average oily odors and a third category called karesihu - which roughly translates as a third-person odor and is usually due to existence of aldehydes. After analyzing the area, Kukun Body reveals the raw truth, and discreetly sends you a verdict through a smartphone application.

Unfortunately for us, the company has stated that at the moment it does not intend to sell the device outside of Japan. For those living in the East, the full product is expected to hit store shelves in Japan this year at a price of 30.000 yen - which is about 232 euros. Those users who are in desperate need, however, can order it from company website.

Those of you who make the purchase let us tell us if it can be used in other parts of the body, except for the legs, ears, head and armpits.

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