Cyprus – Hackers 1-1. Let's go to the penalty shootout

The police authorities of Cyprus confiscated the hackers' server with which they had breached the Open University and the Land Registry. The stolen data will be made public tomorrow, if the Government does not pay 100.000 euros.


Cyprus – Hackers 0 -1
A group of hackers named Medusa succeeded and breached the Open University and the Land Registry of Cyprus in March 2023. From there the hackers managed to extract personal data of users.

They published a part of them on the dark web and are blackmailing the Cypriot Government to pay them the amount of 100 thousand euros in crypto-currencies as a ransom, so that they will hand over the data to them and not release it to the air. Hackers deadline is tomorrow.

Cyprus – Hackers 1 – 1
But yesterday the Cypriot police managed to locate and seize the server used by the hackers to carry out their attacks.

The head of the Cybercrime Office, Andreas Anastasiadis, stated that the server was located in a third country, outside the European Union, and the authorities there handed it over to them, at their request. A list of possible future targets of the hackers was found on the server, which included both Cypriot and foreign organizations and companies.

In the penalty shootout
According to the Police, tomorrow Thursday, when the hackers' deadline expires, it is possible that the group of internet attackers called "Medusa" will carry out their threat and make the information public.

According to Mr. Anastasiadis, the Republic of Cyprus remained true to its standard tactics and did not pay a ransom to the hackers.

It is worth noting, however, that based on history, this particular gang implements its threat where it is not financially satisfied.

FYI, this is not the first time that we have been concerned about Cyprus due to insufficient protection measures. A long time ago their airfield had been breached.

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