70% of Europeans illegally downloads movies

piracyAccording to a new study by the European Commission, approximately 70% of Europeans regularly download or stream movies for free, mainly due to the high cost of legitimate alternatives, such as movie tickets and the DVD market.

Η research has dealt with television habits of Europeans and released earlier this week and is that it will cause headaches in Hollywood Studios.

The conclusion of the survey came from a fairly large sample of 4.608 (4) aged between 50 and XNUMX from the ten countries in Europe, including France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The report, entitled "A Profile of Today's and Future Audiovisual", concluded that 97% of all Europeans watch movies, but the majority choose not to pay.

"Almost 70% of Europeans download or stream for free, either legally or illegally." reports the report, painting a fairly clear picture of the habits of the inhabitants of the old continent.

The reasons for this behavior are mentioned and maybe Hollywood should take the issue very seriously. Most people report that costly legitimate choices are responsible for their tendency to download movies, suggesting that most of the movies they watch are pirated.

The second most common reason is that some movies are interesting, but it is not worth the cinema. The fact that many such films have delayed premieres in Europe is also a very serious reason, as well as the fact that there are few legitimate alternatives. Netflix, for example, still has a long way to go to reach European countries.

The European Commission does not seem to be surprised by the results. "While audiences are interested in movies that are closest to the cinema, they are often some distance away and the choice of screen is limited," the study said.

Moreover, this shows that the European film industry can increase revenues from the use of various online platforms to increase the availability of films.

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