Larissa: Internet fraud business from 24

"Fraud operation on the Internet" with "bait"The cheap holidays and cheap mobile phones are accused of having set up in Larissa an 24 year.
The young man was arrested by police officers of the Larissa Security Division of the Larissa Police Directorate for offenses of professional fraud, illegal weapons and possession of narcotics. His "action" had pan-Hellenic scale, as a result of at least 30 cases of deception, for which he is accused.crime-computer internet

Specifically, according to the police investigation, the 24-year-old along with two other accomplices, aged 47 and 32, in the last five months, posting ads on a social networking site for the sale of affordable holiday packages abroad and smartphone-type mobile devices in tempting prices, deceived prospective buyers, who made money through a bank account, which range from 400 to 1.600 euros in each case, without ever sending them travel tickets or mobile devices.

From the ongoing police investigation of Larissa Security Division, the perpetrators were involved in 30 cases of deception, as well as two cases of attempting to cheat citizens over the Internet in various regions of the country, while the amount of money they obtained from their illegal activity amounts to 33.135,78 euro.

Yesterday afternoon, 24 was detected and arrested in Larissa. It is noted that the three have previously dealt with police authorities for similar offenses. The arrested person will be brought to the Public Prosecutor's Office of Larissa.

The preliminary investigation is carried out by the Security Division of Larissa, while the involvement of the perpetrators is investigated in other similar cases.


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