Facebook presents the Lasso application

Facebook is debuting Lasso, a TikTok mini-video app that is geared towards teens and is now available to everyone.


In a bid to recapture the platform's youth, Facebook pulled out a TikTok clone. It is about Lasso application, which gives you the ability to share video minutes. Facebook seems to have been working on this app with a small group of community members since October as it is already full of content. From November 9 is available for iOS and Android.

Facebook describes Lasso as an application that "makes it easy for everyone to create and share fun videos with effects". The app allows users to follow other creators, search for content using a hashtag, and create new, short videos using a range of tools. The manufacturer points out that the application includes a "huge music library".

Because the Lasso application belongs to Facebook, it integrates into the company's ecosystem so you can log in using an Instagram or Facebook account (or create one if you've managed to avoid the platform so far). The app should have access to your profile page, photos, and videos. When you create your own Lasso videos, you can share them directly on Facebook. A similar compatibility with Instagram is expected to come to the end of 2018.

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