What can LastPass hack mean?

The online security company LastPass has published an announcement yesterday on her blog that Reported that its technicians identified and blocked suspicious activities on the company's network.

According to the information published on the blog, the company was unable to find any evidence that the hackers gained access to its user accounts. or that they obtained stored user data.security chain LastPass

Η εταιρεία δεν ανέφερε πότε εντόπισε για πρώτη φορά την παραβίαση, αλλά μερικοί χρήστες ανέφεραν από τις 8 Ιουνίου, ότι άρχισαν να λαμβάνουν spam σε διευθύνσεις ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου που χρησιμοποιούσαν αποκλειστικά στον password service.

LastPass researchers later confirmed that e-mail addresses, password reminders, user salts and authentication hashes had been leaked.

For those who are not aware of LastPass, it is a company that is allegedly taking responsibility for safely storing all the passwords you use.

Basically, taking on such a responsibility on the internet in 2015 is not so easy. Only in recent days have we heard several examples that demystify security "experts".

The hack to Kaspersky Labs, its publication who wants them Chinese hackers override all known security standards and so much more that we read every day, leave no room for experts and experts.

The logic "that locks, unlocks" is absolutely valid and will continue to be valid. Taking responsibility for a security guard or know-it-all who can protect ignorant as well as experts may be silly enough, as it involves the promise that "we are smart enough and very technically trained to do so."

In the internet of 2015 none of this can be true. Maybe in a bygone era, when there were dialup connections and an expert was the one who could do it on the computer, such a thing was true. sheep LastPass LastPass LastPass

Today 6 year olds can format, and hacking tools are everywhere on the internet. THE of the internet and the computing power of processors allows analyzes and breaking hashes in times that the hackers of the '80s could not even imagine.

But to "sell" εSurrender and innovative protection solutions gives you the comfort of earning money, from savvy people who can still eat the fairy tale of secure internet, and charismatic security researchers.

The truth, however, comes with new violations every three and a little upset the waters. As smart as gentlemen, gentlemen, there will always be smarter ones.

We have also seen the phenomenon of fortune. Tens of millions of services have been dropped because someone 15 discovered at random, without even knowing what makes some vulnerability that no one imagined.

What are we doing;

When LastPass was 2011 again, I decided to use it KeePass to store the codes I use. The application stores the passwords in an encrypted (AES and Twofish) database located on your computer.

Online password storage services are among the most sought after targets by hackers, as millions of users' accounts are stored there.

We do not overestimate our strengths and knowledge if we have and underestimate our opponent.

The full adoption of the view that there are no experts, and that there is no safety seems to work as it will make you think and definitely pay more attention than those who think otherwise.

It will be good to remember that with demystification and questioning the greatest revelations have been made….

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