The gene of the leader was discovered

British and American scientists - including Greek-American professor Nikolas Christakis of Harvard University - claim to have discovered a gene that helps people become leaders and generally stand out in managerial positions. The so-called "leader gene", called rs4950, gives people the tendency and ability to take on increased responsibilities.

Golden gene in DNA

The researchers, led by Dr. Jean-Emanuel De Nev of University College London, published their findings in the Leadership Quarterly, according to the British Independent, analyzing DNA samples from about 4.000 twins and correlated their genetic profile with key characteristics of their personality, interpersonal relationships, and professional activity (managerial positions are considered a measure of leadership behavior).

Genetic analysis has shown that a quarter of a person's genetic traits could be attributed to genetic causes. Scientists have made it clear that leadership is largely a matter of learning, but especially this gene seems to provide the necessary innate impetus for someone to take leadership roles.

As De Nee said, the rs4950 gene "seems to be related to the legacy of leadership from generation to generation. Conventional wisdom, that leadership is an ability, remains true to a great extent, but we have shown that it is also partly a genetic feature. "

As he estimated, it is likely that some of the leaders who emerged in world history have brought that gene. However, researchers have pointed out that regardless of whether a person has a favorable genetic background, the assumption of leadership depends mainly on the acquisition of the skills necessary for this position.

De Neven said that the question "whether there is a particular gene leader?", After the new research, the answer should be "yes, to some extent" as the genetic factor plays an important role, along with learning and environment, to the emergence of leading personalities. But he added that further research is needed to understand how this "leader's gene" interacts with other factors, such as the child's learning environment.


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