Learn the basics of coding with Disney's Moana

Moana is a Disney child movie in which the company was based to deliver coding lessons to children. So, just released Moana: Wayfinding With Code, a free tutorial that gives kids an introduction to the basic principles of software development, through a simple gaming environment reminiscent of a game.

Disney Moana

In these basic software courses, the younger player must guide it Moana and Maui - the two protagonists in the film - across the ocean to fish in their boat, avoiding pirates. Each route is also a level and is realized by constructing small logical programming diagrams.

To make it easier for young users to use the chart, they draw the right command in a window instead of typing them from memory.

The web application Moana: Wayfinding With Code is available in more than 180 countries and 23 languages, unfortunately not including Greek.

The seminar is part of it Hour Of Code. This is not the first time Disney has created a website with coding lessons. Over the past two years, Disney has begun two-hour Code tutorials, with several characters from Frozen and Star Wars. The company reports that over a million 40 students have been playing over these lessons.

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