Legacy OS for PCs with old hardware

Legacy OS is a distribution that can be used by older hardware. The distribution is back after several years of inactivity. It was once a member of the Puppy Linux family, but now uses the antiX distribution as its base while retaining the IceWM UI.legacy

An announcement of the release of the Home of the project states:

“After a six-year hiatus, Legacy OS is back! Now based on antiX/Debian Bullseye 64-bit distributions. After a long development period, LegacyOS 2023 is available for download.

As with previous versions of Legacy the operating system uses the Ice Window Manager (IceWM) and ROX/PCmanFM file managers.

All Ice Window Manager themes are built for this version. The following apps are included by default:

VLC, MPV, Strawberry, Peek, FreetuxTV, OnlyOffice , Scribus, GIMP, Inkscape, Firefox-ESR, Thunderbird and Transmission to name a few.

You can also add any apps you want from the Synaptic package manager, along with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Unlike previous versions, Legacy OS 2023 will receive regular updates.”

Download: LegacyOS_2023_x64.iso (3,047MB, SHA512).

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