Ingestion LEGO: Who said that pediatricians have no humor

Here is some good news for parents who are worried about their children accidentally swallowing toys. Are you afraid of LEGO?

A new study by pediatric researchers has concluded that swallowing objects will reappear by another route within a few days. The study required test subjects to swallow LEGO voluntary heads. The researchers then monitored how long it took for them to reappear in another form.LEGO

Yes, this is a real scientific study that published in the trusted magazine Pediatrics and Child Health entitled "Everything is Awesome: Don't Forget the LEGOs"

Bruce Y. Lee, professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, pointed out in Forbes, that young children love to swallow things, especially coins. There have been previous studies examining the passage of coins through the digestive tract, and in particular one 1971 document reports that most coins passed safely within three to six days.

But no one had studied LEGO, which is very tempting for the gastronomically strange toddler.

The researchers found six adults (three men and three women) willing to swallow parts of LEGO. Adults should have no hesitation in swallowing the toy, but also no hesitation in digging up feces…

Each of them kept a toilet diary, recording bowel movements before and after swallowing LEGO. They evaluated the frequency and hardness of defecation and named it Stool Hardness and Transit (SHAT). After swallowing the game, they spent the next three days sifting feces to find the LEGO head. The number of days it took for the head to pass and be retrieved was called Found and Retrieved Time (FART) (lol).

Five of the six testers had FART scores ranging from 1,14 days to 3,04 days, averaging 1,71 days (approximately 41 hours). A friend was unable to recover his head. According to author and pediatric consultant Damien Roland, the tester has been searching for two weeks, hoping to discover LEGO, to no avail.

As Lee points out, this is a small study, which focuses mainly on adults and not young children. SHAT and FART scores may differ more in the general population. Researchers say that other small pieces of toys with different shapes may be shorter or longer in length until they pass through the body.

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