Lemmings now for Android and iOS devices

Do you remember Lemmings? If so, follow good and bad news. The good; You can play the game on your smartphone. The bad ones? Unfortunately, it's not exactly the classic game we knew, because it's trying to make money from the players.

The Lemmings game was first released by Amiga in the 1990 decade. Immediately afterwards it was adopted by most of the platforms of the time. Converted to play on Sony, PSP and PS3 consoles. Lemmings

Now it's also released as a mobile version with Android and iOS.

In the PlayStation Blog, Serkan Hassan explains Lemmings' goal. Lemmings are looking for the universe looking for a new home, but they always end up on hostile planets.

This is where you come in, as your job is to guide the Lemmings to safety, helping them "dig, climb, build, block and fall to levels".

The mobile version of Lemmings is free (as the saying goes), but it is very limited if you do not use in-app purchases. You basically get a certain amount of "energy" to spend, and when it's over you will have to wait hours or pay to get more "energy".




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