Lenovo P70t. The smartphone that will make you forget your charger

Lenovo P70t: One of the biggest problems faced by mobile operators has to do with the battery life of their smartphones. The requirements are particularly high, so most batteries are unable to cope. The powerbanks give a temporary solution, but the problem is still going on, so many manufacturers are already trying to create batteries that will not understand anything.

lenovo p70t

One of these is Lenovo, which prepares it Lenovo P70t, a smartphone "Real marathon runner", which with its battery at 4000mAh, can according to the Chinese company stay in standby for more than 46 days!

In addition to its truly gigantic battery capacity, Lenovo P70t will be a pretty capable mid-ranger claims, as it will give the user a single screen 5 inch with analysis 1280 × 720 pixels, one 64-bit processor manufactured by MediaTek, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage (which can be expanded via microSD), as well as a main camera sensor in 13MP along with the necessary selfie cam, which will offer quality selfie photos and video calls to 5MP.

Undoubtedly, the Lenovo P70t is nominated to be one of the most durable smartphones of this year, it only reaches the possibilities that Lenovo claims to prove in act!


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