Lenovo regrets Superfish

After the scandal that broke out with Superfish's discovery, Lenovo promises to stop installing crapware on the systems that are on the market. Superfish Lenovo

Crapware, also known as Bloatware or Junkware, is used by hardware manufacturers on their devices. Of course, they do so for extra profits from the ads being displayed to the buyer of the product.

So the Lenovo reputedly offers all Superfish customers on their computer (all those who bought the company's PC from September last year to January of 2015) a six month free McAfee Livesafe security scanner (or six months free of charge if someone already has it).


In addition to offering for its victims, Lenovo has committed itself to the following:

"We start immediately, and once Windows 10 is released on our products, we will only install the operating system and related software, that is, the software required for the hardware (for example, when there is unique hardware on our devices, like a 3D camera), Lenovo security software and applications, ”the company said.

"This should eliminate any adware and bloatware."

It remains to be seen if all this will become deeds πρά

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