Lenovo Smart Cast makes any surface touch screen

Lenovo Smart Cast is a smartphone with a built-in projector that can turn any touch screen into any surface. 

Lenovo Smart Cast

Lenovo Smart Cast was introduced at the Lenovo Tech World conference and is distinguished by all other relevant Smartphone designs with a built-in projector that have occasionally appeared in the fact that DLP technology is not used here but a new proposition, the focus free laser.

Another interesting feature in Lenovo's suggestion is that there is a special stand to stand the smartphone in a right position and to display the image of a keyboard rather than just in the hands of the user.

Lenovo did not give much details about its new device and its other technical features, but the promo video it released revealed that Smart Cast will have an Android operating system.

In any case, the small size of the projector's module, its technology, the flexibility of its use, and the fact that it can create a touch screen anywhere, is by itself interesting features.

We look forward to seeing it find its way into commercial implementation even though Lenovo did not talk about prices.

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Source: pestaola.gr

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