Level 3: The USA is the base of C&C servers of botnets

Level 3 Communications reports that America is the home for more server commands and botnet control, followed by Ukraine, and Russia in second and third place.

us botnet Level 3
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Administration and control servers are used to manage botnets, and they usually manage to run for an average of 30 around days before their service providers stop, or local police authorities.

The Level 3 Communications research reports that US servers are used as botnets administration and control servers as they provide reliable network infrastructures.

Let's say that all of these servers are not legal but have been tampered with and used by botnets without their owners knowing it.

"On average, 20 percent of botnets command and control servers are located in North America, while the same percentage come from Ukraine and Russia combined," the study said.PDF].

The United Kingdom has the sixth place on the list, while Australia is not included in the global report attended by 1000 administration and control servers in the first quarter of 2015.

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Noteworthy is the fact that 600 from botnets attended by Level 3 used corporate networks.

"It seems uncontrollable that management and control servers have the potential to disrupt business and destroy vital assets and information."

Level 3 describes in its report some of the latest botnet threats such as bot SSHPsychos that accounted for 35% of total SSH traffic.

This bot has stopped working at Level 3 together with Cisco Talos, which has stopped automated SSH brute-force attacks against Linux servers.

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