LG: The power of the cloud in the automotive industry

Η LG Electronics (LG) is adopting the cloud in its autonomous auto parts, autonomous robots and smart home entertainment devices.

For most, the cloud is already a very familiar term, with many of us already using its services on a daily basis. Referring to software and services that run on the Internet, the cloud allows files to be stored and accessed from anywhere. Unlike files stored directly on the computer or smartphone, files in the cloud can be viewed, downloaded and modified on any device with an Internet connection.

Cloud technology is not only limited to the office, as the cutting-edge solution is applied to various industries, such as the automotive sector.

Given that the autonomous vehicles of "tomorrow" do not require a human behind the wheel, they must instantly recognize a lot of information, such as locations, lanes, traffic signs, and roads that are new or under construction. And to avoid any traffic accidents and ensure the safety of passengers, this information must be constantly updated and available in real time.lgc

Self-driving cars must also acquire location-based infotainment content to maximize driver convenience, such as providing the locations of nearby parking lots, low-cost gas stations, EV charging stations, and restaurants.

All this information, the vehicles draw from a high-precision XNUMXD digital road map, which is shared through the power of the cloud.

To enable autonomous driving, constantly changing road conditions are communicated in real time, new information is reflected in the high-precision road map, and finally the updated road map is transmitted to the vehicle via the cloud. All three steps must be done quickly, accurately and in real time for self-driving cars to be a viable option, and the cloud must be stable enough to handle an endless stream of high definition data.

The Smart City in the cloud

Beyond implementing autonomous vehicles, smart cities also depend on the cloud to connect with other parts of the country and the world. In general, the greater the distance between a device and the cloud, the slower its response and processing speed. However, if more and more devices are located closer to the cloud, the speed and accuracy of communication can be significantly improved. This is known as edge computing, which places computing resources closer to data sources to accelerate information and response times while boosting bandwidth. lgc2

Autonomous cars in the smart city must be able to accelerate, brake and make smart decisions in a fraction of a second. If the data, which is collected minute by minute, is sent to a cloud server far away, a vehicle may have to wait too long to receive the information, making the process inefficient while increasing the risk of accidents. To solve this issue, edge computing distributes data across multiple smaller edge clouds to better handle massive amounts of data.

Edge computing for autonomous vehicles uses the car's sensors to collect data needed to measure the distance between other vehicles, which then allows it to adjust the distance, change lanes and recognize traffic signals accordingly. And in this case, the more autonomous vehicles on the road, the better, as autonomous cars share traffic information in the edge cloud in real time to avoid traffic jams and accidents.

LG and the Cloud

In the case of autonomous driving, accurate mapping and driving information stored in the cloud may become even more important than the human eye.

To develop leading electric vehicle (EV) component solutions, including autonomous car parts, telematics, cockpits as well as audio, video and navigation (AVN) systems, LG combines cloud, connectivity and location technologies. With the data it collects from self-driving cars, consumer electronics and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, LG can improve its products and services through the cloud.

In the not-so-distant future, every product and service around the world will support Wi-Fi and be able to connect to the cloud. Cloud computing is here to stay and will become a core technology that companies like LG will adopt to create ever-evolving products and services.

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