Rooted the new LG V20

Yes the LG V20 is rooted. With the release of a new Android device, many developers are trying to figure out ways to gain root access to access superuser or superuser settings.

So the developer Chainfire just announced the root of the new LG V20 smartphone.

LG V20
Picture of Slashgear

In a post on Twitter, the developer thanked Jc Adduono for his support and announced that he managed to root successfully with LG's V20 just a few days after rooting on the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.

Chainfire has of course managed to install the SuperSU on the V20 smartphone. The SuperSU for those who do not know is the tool that grants access to a superuser, but to function it needs root access first.

The method requires users to install the TWRP to make the SuperSU flash on V20. You should also unlock the bootloader first and instructions for that are provided on XDA Developers forum, where the method was also published.

The root on your device will give you access to every feature of your smartphone, as well as the option to install apps that enhance its performance. However, root has some drawbacks. Pay Android and other banking applications may not work on the phone if they find it rooted.

In addition, rooting on a smartphone may invalidate its warranty and there is always a chance of spoofing the device, so if you are a thinker, go ahead with caution and ask for help from someone who has done it again.

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