LG Watch Urbane LTE the clock that makes calls

LG Watch Urbane LTE: Before the Mobile World Congress, LG presented an LTE version of Urbane's smart watch that will support calls via Volte without a phone as well as NFC payments.

LG Watch Urbane LTE
Photo LGE.co.kr

Unlike the Android Wear, the LG Watch Urbane LTE will have its own operating system that the company declares is not a webOS. The company's smart TVs are running the same thing. It also has the walkie-talkie feature for group voice conversations as well as an SOS button to call a contact in an emergency.

It will bring GPS and motion, pressure and heart rate sensors. The clock will translate foreign languages ​​through voice recognition. It will have an 700mAh battery (significantly larger than Urbane's original 410mAh battery).

LG will be presenting the device next week at MWC.

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