LG WebOS 3.5 Security Manager certified with Cybersecurity Assurance

LG's latest version of LG Electronics's LG Electronics smartphone TV webOS 3.5 has been certified for its first-ever smart-cell cyber security capabilities by UL, the globally established and specialized company in the field of security and security sustainability.

Following the steps of its expertise in 'smart' TVs, LG plans to further expand its level of expertise by offering smart home, smart home security and home automation services.LG WebOS 3.5

The UL 2900-1 Cybersecurity Assurance Program (CAP) has examined webOS 3.5 Security Manager for potential vulnerabilities, vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in the software, as well as security testing to help protect users' private data.

UL evaluated the effectiveness of each webOS 3.5 security layer by subjecting the software to a range of virtual network attacks - including the Top 25 CWE / SANS vulnerabilities - in its applications and system configuration center.

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The compliance of LG webOS 3.5 in these categories provides the basis for domestic IoT networks that are made up of multiple connected home appliances.

UL's 2900-1 tests measure application security, access control information through certification procedures, and anti-falsification and counterfeit protection. Additional information about UL 2900-1 standards can be found at the following link: https://standardscatalog.ul.com/standards/en/outline_2900-1_2. This is the industry's first XLUMX-2.900-certified smart TV platform, while LG webOS 1 has also been certified for effective digital rights management in smart TV applications.

"Our webOS platform was created with security in mind, so it is encouraging to know that UL, a trusted name in security testing and certification, agrees with us," said JH Hwang, Head of R&D, LG Home Entertainment Company .

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