LibreOffice 6.1.4 New Release from Document Foundation

6.1.4: The Document Foundation announced, on 6.1.4 of the LibreOffice suite 6.0. Είναι το δεύτερο minor release της σειράς 6.1 που παρουσιάστηκε στις early August of 2018 for all supported .

LibreOffice 6.1 has been developing over the last six months and comes with new features such as upgraded image management functionality that is significantly faster and smoother, especially when you open documents created in Microsoft Office.

LibreOffice 6.1.4 also has a new Page menu and organizes the Draw menu again for better consistency across the different sections. The new version comes with an improved EPUB extraction filter with additional metadata options and better support for links, images, tables, footnotes and embedded fonts.

Another major improvement is that the Firebird database engine is now enabled by default, αντικαθιστώντας την παλιά μηχανή βάσης δεδομένων HSQLDB. Οι προγραμματιστές συνιστούν σε όλους τους ενδιαφερόμενους να μετατρέψουν τα αρχεία τους από HSQLDB σε Firebird χρησιμοποιώντας τον βοηθό s or by exporting them to an external HSQLDB server.

Read all the changes that the new version brings from the official website:

LibreOffice 6

The new LibreOffice 6.1.4 is the new version of open- and cross-platform office suite that tai in many functional Linux and not only.

Download LibreOffice 6.1.4

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