LibreOffice 7.6 next version is LibreOffice 24.2

Some information we have after the announcement of the release of LibreOffice 7.6. LibreOffice 7.6 will not be succeeded by v7.7 or v8.0 but by v24.2.

2023 08 24 12 19 45

LibreOffice developers are moving to a year-based versioning system. So the next version at the developer release rate (in six months) will be LibreOffice 24.2 and later in turn LibreOffice 24.8, 25.2, 25.8, 26.2, etc.

Due to the maturity of LibreOffice's codebase, the current versioning system does not really reflect major changes, and this in turn makes explaining the version number very difficult. By switching to a numbering system based on an annual calendar, developers seem to solve their problem.

There was some internal discussion as to whether the version should be changed to the LibreOffice 2024.2 model, but in the end they settled on a scheme based on YY.M. (2 last numbers of the year and the month). There were also discussions about whether the major version number should always be incremented with each new version, as Firefox and Google Chrome do now, but that too was decided against.

So next February, we can't wait to see LibreOffice 24.2. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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