The lightsaber… .firing fire

According to the legend of Star Wars, the photospot or lightsaber is made of Cyber ​​crystals. In the real world, the crystal (unfortunately) is not something that means that if one wants to make a photo shoot, he'll probably have to find the right material, or think about something else.

So at times we have seen swords made of laser, or plain light.

The following case is a completely different approach, since it uses a steady stream of fire.

Electrical engineer Allen Pan built a functional lightsaber whose "blade" is made of fire.

As you will see in the following video it does not have the same glow as the super duper swords appearing in the movies, but there is no doubt that it will burn you with the slightest touch.


Pan on the video tries to light a cigarette with his gun.

The sword uses a mixture of methanol and acetone as a fuel. The same materials are also used to help butane to flame up or forward.

  Night vision lenses

If you think of this particular "weapon" for a duel, you will probably be disappointed, as the flames will not collide, but will enter each other.

Watch the video

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