117 million LinkedIn accounts are sold

Attention to LinkedIn Members: It's no surprise to see posts that report daily hacked social networking accounts. You will probably remember that 2012 a Russian hacker claimed to have access to millions of LinkedIn accounts.

Well, it seems the same hacker has struck again, and this time he's offering up 117 million emails and passwords for sale acquired from LinkedIn users. The they are available on the Dark Web through a site called The Real Deal for 5 bitcoins (about $2.200).Hack LinkedIn

The hacker, nicknamed Peace, spoke to Motherboard and confirmed that these accounts came from a 2012 breach - proving that the social network never made the size of the hack known.

The hacker added that while the majority of passwords are encrypted or shredded with the SHA1 algorithm, more than 90% is already cracked.

The Motherboard, for its part, has verified the hacker's claims and reports that the data sold actually affects network user accounts.

You may not have them of your bank account to your LinkedIn profile, but the other information your account contains is still highly private and could potentially allow someone to exploit your identity.

So, it is probably best to change your password immediately, and if If you use the same password on multiple websites, change it everywhere.

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