LinkedIn leaked 500 million accounts

A new data leak appeared in an underground forum. It contains data of 500 million users LinkedIn and offered for sale.

The hacker who managed to extract them from the social network owned by Microsoft has already published two million user files as proof that the data is real.

A file of stolen data that allegedly contains 500 million profiles LinkedIn has been put up for sale in a popular hacking forum. The 2 million user files that have been published as proof that they are real data can be viewed on the forum for $ 2. The 500 million accounts are offered for a four-digit minimum amount (payable in Bitcoins).

Based on the samples that security researchers were able to see in the files that were released, the files seem to contain a lot of professional information, mainly from his profile. LinkedIn.

This information, although mostly visible in profile, is of great interest to cybercriminals.

Registrations have the following fields:

Identifiers LinkedIn
Full names
Email addresses
Telephone numbers
Links with profiles LinkedIn
Links to other social media profiles

In addition, there are job titles and other job-related data.

In fact, people on LinkeIn post their data on their profiles so that others can find it. But the whole issue has its drawbacks, because the data from the leaked files can be used against its users. LinkedIn from malicious users in various ways:

Carrying out targeted phishing attacks
Spamming 500 million emails and phone numbers
Profile password breach LinkedIn and email addresses.

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